U.S. Tactical brands often lack the time & expertise for effective marketing. We're here to be a relentless pack & guide YOU to stand out, save time, and convert more leads into loyal customers.




Wolftac Digital is the go-to agency for tactical businesses in the United States of America. We specialize in serving veteran, law enforcement and first responder owned businesses that produce tactical gear & equipment, offer tactical training, offer specialty services and operate within the civilian, defense, law enforcement, and emergency services sectors.

Boost Visibility, Engagement & Sales

With our proprietary RIPPUMAS™ process, we delve deep into the unique characteristics of your tactical brand, crafting a tailored strategy that resonates with your target audience. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. RIPPUMAS™ ensures that every touchpoint, from building a brand that resonates with your ideal customer, to the initial online search, to the final purchase, is optimized to drive traffic, captivate interest, and compel action time and time again. Whether you're aiming to establish authority, foster community loyalty, or skyrocket sales, our process is engineered to make you the go-to name in the tactical battlefield.

We Understand the Unique Challenges Tactical Brand Owners Face

We know the hurdles and high-stakes of the tactical industry inside and out. Born from the dedication and experience of our founder Jonathan Morales who is a veteran with law enforcement experience, Wolftac Digital goes beyond the typical digital marketing approach. We're not just another agency; we're a steadfast ally in your mission. Authentic in our strategies, relentless in our commitment, and brave in our innovations, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, ensuring they lead the pack in their industry.

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After partnering with Wolftac Digital, our brand awareness skyrocketed among our target audience. Their expertise seamlessly connected 10-8 Fitness with military, law enforcement, and first responders, truly understanding our vision for functional fitness and amplifying our mission.
Jara Namer
Founder of 10-8 Fitness

Our 4-Step Plan To Get Started

Consultation: Paves the way for a campaign that is aligned with your brand's true essence and objectives.

Strategy Design: Ensures that every marketing effort is purpose-driven and tailored for your brand's success.

Execution: Guarantees that your message not only reaches its intended audience but also strikes a chord with them.

Review & Optimize: Provides a dynamic approach to marketing, ensuring that your brand stays ahead of the curve and continuously resonates with its audience.

  • 1. FREE Consultation
    Engage in a comprehensive discussion to deeply understand your brand's unique needs, challenges, and objectives.

  • 2. Strategy Design
    Develop custom-tailored marketing plans utilizing data-driven insights and in-depth industry knowledge.

  • 3. Execution
    Implementing the strategies with precision, ensuring each move aligns with your brand's voice and resonates with the target audience.

  • 4. Review & Optimize
    Periodically evaluate campaign performance, drawing on key metrics and feedback to consistently enhance and adapt strategies for better results.


Dive into a side-by-side comparison that underscores Wolftac Digital's distinct advantages. Tailored for tactical brands, our agency's experience, specialized approach, and community connection make us the go-to partner, setting us leagues apart from standard digital marketing agencies.

TRADITIONAL Marketing Agencies

Wolftac Digital

Generalized approach for various industries.
Specialized Catered specifically for tactical brands, veterans, LEOs, & First Responders.
Often founded by individuals without tactical or military & LE experience
Experience Founded by a veteran and law enforcement professional
Uses generic marketing frameworks that may not resonate with tactical brands.
Marketing Approach Uses the proprietary RIPPUMAS process for efficient campaigns.
Limited understanding, relying solely on market data without experiential insights.
Understanding We understand unique challenges faced by tactical brand owners.
Typically align with mainstream business values; may not resonate with tactical ethos.
Brand Alignment Resilient, strategic, committed, authentic, brave, loyal
Limited to standard client-agency relationships without specialized community benefits.
Community & Network Exclusive access to group offering premium insights & support.
Wolftac Digital guides our Heroes to stand out, save time, and convert more leads into loyal customers to be the Alpha in their industry. Our specialized approach ensures your brand doesn't just survive, but thrives.